The Socially Spirited Story


On realising that friends were much happier to be offered a simple but great-tasting cocktail when they visited us, but didn’t have the products, know-how or confidence to do it themselves at home, the idea for Socially Spirited was born. Opening a good bottle of wine, or serving ice-cold beers can be great but in our experience, nothing quite beats a tasty, well-balanced cocktail and the reward that goes with making it for both the host and their guests.

We have sought-out, visited and sampled small-batch spirits from dozens of the best craft distilleries around the world and worked closely with those master distillers over 18 months to bring you the perfect products for making great at-home cocktails. For example, our Voltaire & Franklin Coffee Liqueur was designed to mix in exactly equal parts to make a perfect Espresso Martini - no need to worry which of dozens of different online recipes to use and no need to have to adjust sweetness levels depending on what spirit you are using.

By delivering these products to you directly, we’ve also minimised our carbon footprint whilst passing on those savings in terms of rewards to you, the real brand builders, through our Ambassador program.

All the brands you’ll find here are exclusive to Socially Spirited and have been meticulously crafted to help you drink better, together.