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The Italian Ambassador bundle

The Italian Ambassador bundle

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Description: A bundle of Pic-Amar Bitter Aperitivo and Cælestiale Vermouth with a cocktail garnish pack to help you make the perfect Americano at home.

Pic-Amar is made just outside Turin, the home of Italian bitters and has been created by our master distiller to be exceptional in classic cocktails such as the Negroni and Americano. The earthiness of gentian root and orange peel on the nose gives way to the sweetness and complexity of the aromatics and ends with that classic bitter edge.

For four generations, those same distillers have also been fortifying the wines of Piedmont with locally sourced botanicals to craft exceptional vermouth. A wonderful balance of dried orange peel and Mediterranean herbs set against the body of Italian sweet wine, with a long, earthy finish pairs perfectly with Pic-Amar in an Americano.

Stir equal parts Pic-Amar and Cælestiale Vermouth in a highball glass over ice and top with sparkling water to taste. Garnish with an orange slice.

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